Connect People

Every success starts with communication, and collaboration helps you achieve more with less.

That's why HOP partners, hosts and attendees collaborate to bring people together with the unique Hour of Power Speed Networking® model that connects more people in less time using best communication practices.

It's easy to hold monthly events, single special events and breakout sessions for your local town, group, organization or event participants with HOP's turn-key speed networking model, success tools, administrative support and co-promotion!

We're Better Together

Be a part of the HOP mission to make it easier for people to connect in their common interests, share resources, and GROW - Gain Rewards, Opportunities and Well-being! Limited exclusive HOP networking event locations are available.

  • Collaboration!
  • Your own easy events
  • Effective 'Themified' communication
  • Value and influence as a connector
  • Increased social visibility
  • Added income for your business or favorite non-profit
  • Marketing and administrative support
  • Multi-channel promotion
  • Flexible times and dates
  • Turnkey model and production
  • Minimal time commitment
  • Simple tools
  • Continual new connections
  • Savings on products and services
  • Great feedback and results

Help Other People

Interested in increasing your value and visibility by helping other people become more connected?


Open to anyone to hold or attend, HOP programs, events and breakouts enable more people to engage with each other face-to-face in less time.

Relationships are so important to personal and professional growth, and they start with connections and communication. The vision for HOP is to provide more opportunities for everyone from students to executives to form valuable bonds through virtual and live 1-hour networking events.


Do you feel uncomfortable with networking, frustrated with the time it takes, disappointed in your marketing results, or disconnected from your group, team or peers?

Because of their unique structure, socially awkward and assertive types alike feel more comfortable sharing at these events.

They love that they become more connected with every fast, fun, face-to-face 1-hour event.


How and what you communicate matters.

After brief advice on how to 'Themify' their communication, attendees use assigned colors to move through small group tables, sharing and discovering opportunities and ideas as they meet everyone ... in just one hour!

Take advantage of the HOP model to link in your common interests, share resources, and GROW - Gain Rewards Opportunities and Well-being!


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